Farmer’s Market Grand Opening Celebration!

Fresh, Straight From the Garden Produce

Aberlin Springs, Ohio’s first Agri-Community is opening a Public Farmer’s Market on Sunday afternoons.
Join us for our Farmer’s Market Grand Opening Celebration on Sunday, April 11th noon to 3 pm. Fresh produce from the regenerative farm, other local food artisan products, and a Chef Cooking Demo will be
a part of the event. The farm team will be available to do tours and answer questions about
methods used to create the most nutrient-dense food and the importance of buying local.
Our Model Home and Community tours will also be available from noon to 5 pm.

Aberlin Springs Agri-Community is a residential community built around a working farm bringing Farm-to-TableLiving home. “People are realizing that eating fresh, local, and organically grown food will have a profound effect on your health and well-being” states Leslie Aberlin, owner of Pendragon
Development and Pendragon Homes, the exclusive builder at Aberlin Springs.

Set among 141 acres of preserved forests and farmland, this new neighborhood of 138 home
sites offers farm-to-table living with an onsite farm, a farm market, and Community Supported
Agriculture (CSA) program. The CSA provides residents with fresh in-season food and pasture-raised meats. Know where your food comes from when you live here or shop here. We truly believe that where you live, is as important as how you live.

For more information on our CSA, visit here and look on the home page for the signup sheet. For more information on our homes, be sure to visit our main page, here.

We hope to see you here for our Farmer’s Market Grand Opening!

kellywFarmer’s Market Grand Opening Celebration!