About the Community

Reminiscent of communities of yesteryear, when life was simpler, the design of Aberlin Springs was inspired by the past and built for the future. This conservation community, located in the heart of Warren County, provides its members a place to grow, restore and reconnect to the land that feeds them. It’s a laid-back lifestyle just 45 minutes from a major urban center and a plane ride away from the capitals of the world.

This community is set among acres of preserved forests and meadows where homes and hamlets are connected by looping country roads and a network of footpaths that make walking easier than driving. Homesites are designed to embrace neighborly connection while ensuring privacy.

The Aberlin family came to Warren County in 1990. They started simply and wanted to honor their Swiss heritage while building their American Dream.

As they realized their work and family dreams, they found 141 acres of wooded and tillable land to continue putting down their roots. The Aberlins believed this was the place to bring their extended family together. They built a family village featuring decorative Swiss timber frame homes to both live out their new dream and honor their heritage.

And now the Aberlins are sharing their dream with the larger community. You can experience the same connection to land, family and fellowship at Aberlin Springs.

Refresh Your Life Daily

Living out our Farm-to-Table philosophy, we are home to a sustainable farm with organic practices and our annual CSA program

Eat seasonally. Eat locally. It’s time to reconnect with the land, your food and your community at Aberlin Springs.

The Farm

Aberlin Springs Farm uses organic practices following the Polyface Farm guiding principles by Joel Salatin. Joel is our mentor and his Principles can be found at Polyfacefarms.com/principles.

Kelley McDanielAbout the Community