Featured Events

Featured Event: Sunday – July 11th, 2021 

Every month throughout our farming season we have an Open House with a Farmer’s Market, event, and other vendors. Check back monthly to see what event we will be showcasing!

Dilly Bean Chef Demo: Visit Aberlin Springs and join Chef Rebecca Denney to learn about the history and re-emerging trend of dilly beans and quick pickled cucumbers. Delicious, nutritious, and great in a Bloody Mary!
Tour our beautiful farm and community, and be sure to check out our on-site artisanal vendors! Farm Tours will be from 12 pm – 3 pm, Home tours will be from 12 pm-5 pm

Catering for Your Special Event

Chef Rebecca Denney specializes in special event menus! She owns the Modern Farmhouse Kitchen so you’ll find her here at Aberlin Springs, but she also does private events! She is an instructor, and caterer offering modern cuisine with food grown from the farm at Aberlin Springs. She is well versed in paleo, gluten-free, and other food allergies.

If you have a special event book Rebecca for the perfect meal! She can come to your site or you can rent our on-site Chalet. She can accommodate small or large groups.

For more information email: themodernfarmhousekitchen@gmail.com

or call 513-235-6164.

Weekly Farmers Market

Eat seasonally. Eat locally. It’s time to reconnect with the land, your food, and your community at Aberlin Springs. We help you do just that with our on site farmers market, every Sunday through our farming season from 12 pm – 3 pm.

Living out our Farm-to-Table philosophy, we are home to a sustainable farm with organic practices and our annual CSA program.

Rent Our Chalet

Aberlin Springs has a large Chalet with a beautiful gathering space and outdoor courtyard for special events! Plan your bridal shower, graduation party, baby shower, or meeting. We would love to have you! Contact Amber for more information or to book your event: amberl@pendragonhome.com

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