Variety of New Homes for Sale in Cincinnati

Aberlin Springs brings a collection of brand-new homes to Greater Cincinnati. This new community provides a variety of houses to choose from. Whether you are looking for an estate home, manor home, cottage, or a cabin, Aberlin Springs can be the area where you establish your new home. The community is located north of Cincinnati, less than 30 miles from downtown. In this idyllic spot of Ohio, you get to experience the natural beauty of southwest Ohio, while being close to everything you want and need.

This new home also provides a substantial amount of perks. The most important is being a part of the conservation community. When you are a home owner, you immediately become a member of the Community-Supported Agriculture. The CSA provides its members with a place to grow, restore and reconnect with the land that feeds them.

What Aberlin Springs realized was that food brings people together. Communities of yesteryear were families that helped each other thrive. Aberlin believes that you should have fresh, farm-to-table products and will provide your family with delicious, nutritious food from the community gardens and fields.

At Aberlin Springs, you are buying more than a home, you are buying into a community and a peaceful way of life.

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Kelley McDanielVariety of New Homes for Sale in Cincinnati